My Wallet And Lungs Were Screaming Bloody Murder – Tim from North Carolina

When I first started experimenting with electronic Cigarettes (personal vaporizers) about 4 years ago, I was a little skeptical. I figured I would try one, it would fail miserably, and then I would continue smoking traditional cigarettes. All my previous attempts to quit smoking took that route, so I didn’t really expect a new outcome with this try either. But, I still wanted to try again. My health had been going down hill due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypokalemia, and diabetes type 2. I’ve been warned repeatedly by doctors that I need to find something to help me quit smoking. I was smoking 2 packs of Marlboro Menthol 100’s per day. Both my wallet and my lungs were screaming bloody murder. I needed some extra stimulation to get a fire under my butt, and finally that extra stimulation arrived. The government helped me make a decision when the cigarette taxes got jacked-up into outer-space. Therefore, it was time to give the E-Cig a test drive ASAP!

My very first starter kit cost me $150.00 from SE. Yes, it was pricey, but I was determined to try one. It sounded like some really cool new technology that I just had to get my hands on. If I could actually quit smoking in the process, then that would be an added bonus to me.
Just like a lot of other newbies out there, I got an E-Cig that didn’t really perform like I thought it would. Also, the nicotine strength choices was still a bit confusing to me at the time, so I wound up getting too weak of a formula for myself. However, the E-Cig was like a really nice conversation piece that got other smokers thinking about trying one too, so that sort of made up for the other bad choices I made the first go around, and I felt good about making a reasonable first impression concerning the E-Cig Technology.
During that first year of experimenting with E-Cigs, I tried various models and designs from other suppliers while trying to find one that suits me best. But, with some of the prices I was seeing at the time I was still a little hesitant and so my progress was slow. I did notice I smoked less cigarettes while using an E-Cig, but sometimes a traditional cigarette was still better at satisfying me… That is until I found the JoyeTech 510 and all the associated Tips and Tricks about using them (Special thanks to E-Cig forums and YouTube members. Remember that you guys DO make a difference and all of your contributions are greatly appreciated!).
My official stop smoking date is October 31, 2009… and I swear on my Mother’s grave I have not smoked a single cigarette since then. My nicotine strength on that date was 24mg. The E-Cig I used was a slightly modified JoyeTech 510 (I removed the wick from the atomizer coil just to see what would happen). I got loads of warm vapor and finally a satisfying nicotine hit. I enjoyed it so much I actually boxed up all of my RYO tobacco equipment and put them in my attic to collect dust.
Today I still use the 510 system, but I also use a stationary 5v mod which I built myself. Most kits and accessories are at down to Earth prices today, many of which came from My monthly upkeep cost on average is a little under $45.00. I have successfully stepped down to a 12mg E-Juice formula which I mix myself. I prefer tobacco flavored E-Juices with a touch of Mint/Menthol in it. My goal is to quit using nicotine entirely by December 2012, but if I can’t quit until 2013 then that’s fine too. I’m taking it very slow because, I’ve always been tremendously nicotine dependent, plus I’m still a bit hard-headed and I don’t like a sudden change unless I’m absolutely ready for such of a change. Dropping my nicotine friend still scares the hell out of me… you know?… So I’m doing it 1 less mg at a time every 2 months or so now. Yeah, it’s my version of “sneaking up on myself” with it.
Today my health has improved significantly. It’s maybe 55% from the help of using an E-Cig, but I can’t give all the high praises to the E-Cig itself. It’s true there are less chemicals in them. It’s true I’m not inhaling smoke and tar anymore. It’s true I feel more energetic since I quit smoking. It’s true that the E-Cig has encouraged me to do better with my habits. It’s also true that my doctor is impressed by the E-Cig interaction and it’s effects both physically and mentally… But, the rest of my health improvements is based on the fact I took advantage of the positive E-Cig results, manipulated them, and extended my treatment into other areas. You can’t just sit around and expect a complete miracle to happen with an E-Cig, you still have to get off your butt and do your part of the bargain too. Like I said, it’s all part of the encouragement I got from trying an E-Cig. After I worked on my health in the lung area, then I sort of felt obligated to keep on going and work on diet and exercise too. The combination of it all resulted in lower blood pressure readings, lower sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, deeper breathing, and I lost 84 pounds in the process. The E-Cig was just the spark… I did the REST!
My family has benefited from me using an E-Cig too. My oldest Stepson has asthma and my old smoking habits irritated him every day. He would close himself up in his bedroom just to keep the smoke out, and then it would still bother him. Since I switched to the E-Cig he hasn’t had many breathing problems and he has picked up his inhaler maybe once since Oct. 2009. He doesn’t have to keep his bedroom door closed anymore either. My wife’s sinus problems disappeared too, so she’s not complaining in agony anymore. My youngest Stepson says, “Finally, it doesn’t smell like a forest fire around here anymore. Yay, I can breathe clean air!”
Another big plus about the E-Cig is I can go to a restaurant, eat a meal, and vape at the table without bothering other customers. It’s still funny to see their freaked-out faces at first, but after I explain it they’re okay with it. I’ve even got my favorite waitresses explaining it for me so I can spend time with my family in peace. The waitresses think they’re really cool too and are thinking about getting an E-Cig. They’re tired of running outside to smoke all the time. – I can also use an E-Cig at work without any problems. I’m not sure, but I think I was the first employee to use an E-Cig at work full-time. Since I started doing that, I’ve noticed the smoking bench outside is starting to get less visitors every month. There’s still some stubborn ones that think the E-Cig is a fluke, but they’ll probably wise up eventually… After all, I finally did.
So far I’m really happy with my progress. I’ve done more than I ever thought I could do. Who knew?… All it took was a little nicotine fog machine to get me started. – And, you get a really good E-Cig starter kit for a little under $50.00 these days with extras, so I know that smokers don’t have any good excuses anymore.
Good job to all of those who have succeeded!
Have a super-fan-fabulous day with happy thoughts,
Tim from North Carolina
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