Hey Guys– This could help me so much. I love the ecig products. I have a house full of kids. Four kids running around all the time wanting something. Everybody wants to get on my computer but I spend alot of my time looking on Ecig Express for some good stuff. It would be nice to have a year supply so I could spend more time with my kids. It is just so relaxing to pull out my ecig and take some stress away. It gives me some time to just chill. Then there’s those days that I am at work and it seems like the day goes on forever and I can’t wait to break away for a minute to hit my ecig. That’s nice because no one knows and you just don’t have that bad smell of a real cigarette but you get the same satisfaction. So, on my ride home I can enjoy my ride with some good blueberry smoke before I arrive back to the house where I’m sure I will hear something wrong from my soldier, husband. I guess he thinks he’s still at work and we are his soldiers. Gee, If you didnt smoke, you would start for sure. I need a year supply for some peace of mind, calming relief, and pure enjoyment. Please Help. I need this to stay SANE!!

Thanks for all you guys do,