My Third Attempt to Quit Smoking

I made my third attempt to quit smoking when I was about 20. I had been
smoking for 4 years by this time. Since my previous attempts to quit had all
ended in failure I already had the “I’m not going to be able to do this”
attitude. So once again I made a trip to Walmart, to the smoking cessation
products, and I stood there. I stood in that aisle for about an hour looking
at and comparing the products. I finally decided to try out the nicotine
lozenges. I grabbed the product, made my purchase, and tried them out. I
didn’t even bother getting rid of my regular cigarettes this time. I had a
feeling I would be going back to them. The lozenges were horrible. They made
my mouth feel really weird and once again, it was a product that tasted
terrible. After a couple days and a lozenge here and there, they were in the
trash. I thought I would smoke for the rest of my life. I had three failed
attempts and I was only 20 years old. Never once did I tell myself, “I can
do this.”

The moral of the story: Never go into anything with a defeatist attitude. If
you do, you will more than likely fail.

Jamie C.