My Sixth and Final Attempt to Quit Smoking

I learned about electronic cigarettes around my 23rd birthday in June of
this year. I was very intrigued by them and thought it would be an excellent
way to stop smoking. I already had five failed attempts to quit smoking
under my belt so another one wouldn’t really mean that much to me. What I
liked most about e-cigs was that I would still be able to perform the habit
of smoking. For me a lot of being addicted to cigarettes was the hand to
mouth, oral fixation habit, as well as the nicotine. I put the idea of
electronic cigarettes in my back pocket for a little bit because I didn’t
have the money, but I did decide that I would give it a go when I had the

My birthday came and went, and I saved up some money. I made my first e-cig
purchase on the fourth of July. It was a Blu. Unfortunately for me the
thought of doing research on electronic cigarettes had never crossed my
mind. The day after I placed my order I received an email that said my order
was on backlog and would be received in two weeks. After 6 weeks of chatting
with the Blu customer service reps and sending an email to the president of
the company I received my Blu. After one short day of having the product, I
decided it wasn’t for me and I got rid of it.

While I was waiting for my Blu to arrive I did a ton of research on e-cigs
and decided which model I would purchase next. Three days before I received
my Blu I got antsy and ordered a DSE901. It arrived the day after I received
my Blu. I immediately fell in love with it. I knew that I could quit what I
now knew as analogs with the 901. Shortly after I got my 901 I found great
sites to order parts and e-liquid from. I also had found the
e-cigarette-forum, which contains a great deal of information, and learned
more than I could have imagined from browsing the threads. I had everything
I needed to make the transition from smoking to vaping.

As soon as I got my 901 I immediately went from smoking a pack and a half a
day to about a half a pack a day with no effort at all. After a couple weeks
I quit analogs completely. I have now been analog free for two weeks and
have no desire to go back. I now hate the smell of analogs, and they taste
absolutely horrible, even the brand that used to be my favorite! I can
hardly believe it.

I have now learned the tricks to get the most out of my 901. I have recently
made the decision to switch from using carts to dripping and have discovered
that it is a lot more convenient for my lifestyle. I have also been looking
at other models and mods because I would like to have more than one pv. I do
eventually plan on weaning myself off of the nicotine, but I don’t know if I
will ever actually give up vaping (unless I have to due to a ban). I love
that I have made the transition to vaping. I feel better, my skin looks
better, I smell better, and those are only three of the benefits! I
absolutely love my 901 and I look forward to trying other models that are

Moral of the Story: Just because you have five failures under your belt
doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed eventually. You just have to find the
right method for what you want to do. If you don’t succeed, try, try again!!

Jamie C.