My Second Attempt to Quit Smoking

My second attempt to quit smoking was made shortly after my first attempt. I
was still dating the guy that claimed he would never date a girl that smoked
and I didn’t want to lose him because I smoked.

I went to Walmart, to the pharmacy area, and checked out the smoking
cessation products that they carried. They had the usual – gum, patches, and
lozenges. I picked up a box of Nicorette gum and decided to go with that.
Forty some odd dollars for a box of gum, and it didn’t even have that many
pieces in it! I tried it anyway. I went home and got rid of my ashtrays,
lighters, and cigarettes. The next time I had to urge to smoke I picked up
the box of Nicorette and broke out a piece. This is the kind of gum that you
are supposed to bite down on and hold in your cheek for awhile before you
start to chew it. I have to say, this was the nastiest thing I have ever
tasted! The taste alone was enough to make me gag, but it just didn’t do it
for me. I found myself gritting my teeth so hard when I had the gum in my
mouth that I gave myself a headache. I tried to stop myself from doing that,
but I couldn’t. It was like a natural reaction to the gum. After a couple
pieces I put the gum in one of my dresser drawers. It stayed there for about
4 years before I decided to throw it away. I wanted to keep it as a reminder
that I had already tried that method of quitting and it didn’t work. Forty
some odd dollars wasted.

So I continued to smoke and I continued to hide it from my boyfriend. It
struck me as strange that he couldn’t smell the smoke on me, but after a
while I didn’t think anything of it. I will save that story for another day.

Jamie C.