My Fourth Attempt to Quit Smoking

My Fourth Attempt to Quit Smoking

Shortly after my third attempt to quit smoking I tried again. I was still 20
years old and with the same guy who said he would never date a girl that
smoked. Another trip to Walmart, to the smoking cessation products. I have
to admit, it was getting kind of old by this point. I had tried the gum and
the lozenges, and both were horrible. This time I decided to try something
that I didn’t have to put in my mouth. I thought that maybe if there wasn’t
a horrible taste associated with the smoking cessation product I would be
more likely to stick with it. I picked up a box of nicotine patches and
figured out which one I would need, there are different strengths according
to how much you smoke, and I made my purchase.

I took the product home, read the instructions, and applied the patch to my
arm. I was ok for awhile, but I noticed the skin on my arm was a little red
around the patch. I just ignored it. After a couple of hours I wanted a
cigarette. I had forgotten that I had the patch on. I reached for my smokes
and lit one up. It made me a little sick to my stomach, but I didn’t think
anything of it. After a couple more hours and a couple more cigarettes, I
started feeling really ill and my arm had a terrible itch to it. I reached
up to scratch my arm, felt the patch, and had an immediate sense of dread.
By this time I felt terrible. I had a bad headache, my whole body was achy,
and I was nauseated. I pulled the patch off and the skin under the patch was
welped up, red, and itchy. I assume it was a kind of topical allergic
reaction (maybe to the adhesive). I tend to be sensitive to adhesives. So
not only did I have this horrible spot on my arm that itched like no
tomorrow, I also seemed to be suffering from nicotine overdose/poisoning. I
was down for the count for the next day. I suffered from nausea, vomiting,
and a few other things that I don’t want to mention. I assume as the
symptoms subsided the nicotine had worked itself out of my system. This was
one of the worst experiences I had while trying to quit. After I felt better
I reached for my smokes and lit one up. I threw the nicotine patches away. I
didn’t want them anywhere near me. I do realize that it was my fault that
this had all happened, but I didn’t want to take anymore chances with the
patch. I was lucky it wasn’t more severe. It was just another failure in my

Moral of the story: DON’T SMOKE while on the patch. Do whatever you can to
make sure you don’t forget you are wearing it. If you start to feel funny
take it off immediately! Do not use this product if you are not familiar
with it and haven’t done any research!

Jamie C.

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