My Fifth Attempt to Quit Smoking

My fifth attempt to quit smoking came when I was 22. By this time I was
still with the same guy that said he would never date a girl that smoked,
but he knew that I smoked and had come to accept it. He had also broken down
and admitted to me that he smoked too. What a coincidence. I no longer
wanted to quit smoking for him though. I wanted to do it for my self.

I went to talk to my doctor about ways to quit smoking. I told her how I had
already tried cold turkey, gum, lozenges, and patches but I just didn’t seem
to be able to quit. She gave me a prescription for Buproprion and explained
how it worked and what I needed to do to use it as a smoking cessation aid
(it is also prescribed for depression). I left the doctor’s office, got my
prescription filled, and went home. I started the prescription the next day.
You are allowed to smoke for the first week that you take the medication so
that is what I did. The first day that I was not allowed to smoke was really
rough. I was very moody and emotional, but I got through the day, and the
next day, and the next day. I was smoke free for a total of 16 days and I
was so proud of myself. On the 17th day I cracked. I was under a lot of
stress at work and at home, and I just cracked. I bought a pack of smokes
and that was the end of it. I blame myself. I didn’t follow the doctor’s
instructions and I stopped taking the medication way before I should have.
Not taking the medication coupled with a mountain of stress and failing
will-power was my downfall. Another failure, and I couldn’t get back on the

The moral of the story: Follow your doctor’s orders! Just because you are
under some stress does not mean you need to smoke!

Jamie C