My favorite e-cigarette is the joye 510

My favorite e-cigarette is the joye 510. I’ve tried a few others but nothing
compares to the 510.

The 510 has a great throat hit, great vapor production and looks a lot
sleeker than a pen style or some the other bulky e-cigs out there. Also,
it’s not much bigger than an analog 100.

The battery life is only about 2 hours of heavy vaping but if you have a
personal charging case it doesn’t matter because it only takes about an hour
to charge. So, the other battery will charge up before your back-up battery
goes dead.

I prefer the manual 510 because there is no cut-off time and you can take as
long of a hit as your little heart desires.

The cartridges are great too. They are designed to be refillable unlike
others that I’ve had (i.e. Blu). They also last for good while.

The atomizers are the best I’ve had yet. They produce a mountain of vapor
and the consistency of the vapor is awesome. You get the same amount of
vapor in every puff until either the battery is about to die or you need to
refill or replace the cartridge.

A lot of e-cigs give you a burning feeling and some even ruin the taste of
the vapor, but the 510 doesn’t do that. You get great tasting vapor out of
every hit you take from the 510. I actually prefer it to analogs now. I love
this thing and I know I’ll never go back to tobacco again.


James M

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