When I was 14 I caught my older sister smoking & threatened to tell mom if she didn’t teach me to smoke too. That started my 22 year run with cigarettes. I rationalized my smoking saying that since I didn’t smoke a pack a day it was better than most people. I quit once before with chantix for about 4 months. It wasn’t in my heart to quit so I started right back up. My uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer & that still didn’t stop me. Until I went to see him everyday when he went into hospice care. I’d leave there and reach for my pack instinctively & put it back thinking how can you smoke when you see this man on oxygen, dying from smoking. But a few minutes would pass & I’d light up. He passed away in December about 3 weeks after going into hospice. I knew I had to quit, but still didn’t want to, so I decided to go with a substitution. I did research on what would be most like my full flavor menthol cigarettes. I went with the Joye 510 and after 3 days of smoking it I quit tobacco all together. It’s been 2 months now & I wish I had done this sooner. I should be a spokes person with how I sing the 510’s praises. I’ve gotten 2 people to quit and more wanting to take the step. The absolute best part about quitting with the 510 is I haven’t gained a pound! Right now I love the Menthol Ice & the sample of the new formula is even better! I encourage anyone who is a smoker that really doesn’t want to quit to give this a try, it’s totally worth it & if I, who thoroughly enjoyed smoking, can do it anyone can.  It would be a win win situations for us if I win a prize.  Win for you, I get to sing your praises & pass out your cards to all my smoker friends.  Win for me, free stuff.  I should at least get a t-shirt (and some more business cards)