I’m a recently converted vapor after smoking for nearly 13 years. My doctor had been telling me to quit smoking for years, but the urgency increased several years ago when I found out I was HIV positive. I’d tried everything to quit (patches, gum, smokeaway, cold turkey, chantix, etc), but nothing ever worked. I found out about vaping several months ago and have been analog free ever since. Since then I’ve worked to make positive changes in my life, including daily walks and runs, healthier eating, and severely cutting back on my nicotine intake. My doctor has noticed positive changes in my health and condition, and I’m entirely convinced that e-cigs are responsible for a lot of that change.


With a year of “e-cig stuff” I could see myself continuing my trend of healthier living and keeping cigarette free. Always having e-cig supplies on hand would help to ensure that I’m never in a situation where an analog is my only option, and would make it much easier to engage friends and family about vaping (having the supplies to being able to loan/give a few cartos and a battery to someone interested in vaping would be amazing, as I get a lot of questions already as it is about what I’m doing).



Thank you,