I started smoking at 14 by sneaking my Mom’s Pall Mall Gold’s out of her purse (and now I know – they knew)! I have never smoked over 1 pack a day (unless I was at the bar) but still at 42 years old now that pack a day was kicking in. I lost my mom to lung cancer 4 years ago but that didn’t faze me. I guess you could say I became very paranoid that I had cancer every time I got a cold that didn’t go away right away (that’s how my mom’s symptoms started).

I saw an ad in a magazine a year ago and looked them up online – $250.00, sorry I don’t think so. Through the course of that next year I wondered about them but that old rule of thumb “if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is” kept popping up. So still I didn’t pursue it. Finally I decided that I wanted to be around for my daughter, husband, friends and all my family members.

I bought my first disposable at a gas station and I liked it. So I went back and bought a Trio kit but I realized quickly that I wanted something better. I got online to look up accessories to the Trio kit and found ECF.
I started lurking and then I joined! Went to a 510 kit, to Ego’s, tried a bottom feeder (or two), finally settled on the Ego-T or the Smart Carts.

I have converted 7 people now and have all sorts of backup 510’s, chargers, cartomizers and juices to share with that next person that might be interested!

Life is good, life is great, but it got even better when I started to Vape!



Laura from Missouri