Once you get your electronic cigarette you are very excited to use it!  There are some basics that need to be kept in mind to get optimal performance from your vaping experience.

Keep your cartridge moist at all times!  From personal experience, it is best to take a look at how moist it is after each session.  You will quickly gauge how often the cartridge requires topping off.

If you notice little vapor, little throat hit, or a burnt taste, immediately check your cartridge!  You see claims that one cartridge equals one pack of cigarettes.  This is not true.  One cartridge can equal 10-20 good drags. 

How does one go about topping off the cartridge?  Simply drip the e-juice into the filler material.  You should see the filler absorb the e-juice.  Once it begins to pool, that is enough.  After your vaping session, take a look to see how much is in there.   Feel free to top off after each session for best results.

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