Joye 510: First steps out of the box.

So your Joye 510 arrived today, you are removing all of the items from the little white box.  Making sure it is all there, 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, cartridges, power charger, and manual.  What do you do now?  If you are like most, reading the manual is not the first thing you want to do!  So, I have read the manual for you and will rush to the main points.

  1.  Charge one of the batteries for a full 8 hours.  
  2. Use for 20 minutes.
  3. Charge that battery for another hour.
  4. Done, your rechargeable lithium ion battery is now ready for optimal usage.


Further explanation….

After 8 hours has passed, use your newly charged atomizer by assembling your ecig.  Simply connect the atomizer to the fully charged battery.  Connect your cartridge that is filled with e-juice.  Now vape for about 20 minutes.  Then charge the battery for 1 more hour.  Thats it!  Your battery is now prepared to take on the task of powering your ecig!

For more information, see the Joye 510 Quick Start Guide.

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