I grew up in a household where my mother, father and most relatives smoked. I guess there wasn’t the same taboo with cigarette smoking as there is nowadays. Every household had an ashtray inside; even households that did not smoke usually kept one handy for guests who did.

As a child I remember getting candy cigarettes that would put out a plume of candy dust. I would mimic what I saw the adults around me doing and thought it was cool. I also remember my brother and me trying to get our parents to quit later in childhood. How/why did I start? Good question… to make matters even worse; I lost my father to lung cancer in ’93 and still ended up starting…

It all began in college where I would ‘bum’ one here and there. Then I got a pack. The rest is history. I ended up smoking 14 years and was up to 1.5-2 packs a day. I had an unrelated trip to the ER (turned out to be nothing) and had a lung x-ray taken. The ER doctors told me that I would end up with COPD if I did not quit smoking; that the early signs were there… I knew the time had come. In the past I had tried to quit several different times. I almost quit cold turkey once by weaning myself down–fail. Nicotine gum did not work and I did not want to try the ‘suicide pill’ either.

A year or two prior I remember seeing a friend who had (an overpriced) e-cig kit. I though it was cool but put it out of my mind. After the x-ray it re-entered my mind and I almost bought one like his. Luckily I found the ECF before doing that. Hours of reading and watching videos followed. I ended up with a M401/402/403 from a vendor here. That led to an evolution where I am today; KR808, vGo’s and now mods.

By the way, the hours of researching has remained to this day. It was a life altering experience and I try to spread the word every chance I get.



Adrian from North Carolina