It’s no mystery that cigarettes are slowly, but surely killing every individual that consumes them. Any serious health problem that arises – be it lung cancer, heart disease or emphysema – will undoubtedly cause regret for having smoked so many for so long. Hindsight takes over and a person will lament how they “should’ve quit” years ago. With the advent of electronic cigarettes, or E-cigs, a person may take a proactive role against the perils of cigarette smoking. There is a solution after all.

For some time now, the government has been taking measures to make smoking appear less attractive in a social environment, or to raise awareness of the harmful effects: no smoking indoors, tax hikes, limited advertising placements and various warnings of the label of packs. But most of these are barely noticed by the average smoker, and oftentimes the smoker simply does not care. A short-term satisfaction from the pull of a butt trumps the danger of a long-term health risk. But it’s difficult to quit. In fact, it’s downright impossible for some. That is, until now.

A safer alternative to smoking has come about with the advent of the electronic cigarette. This isn’t just a new fad, or a recent trend that will rise and fall, and eventually fade as most trends are wont to do. Improvements in technological areas of the electronic cigarette has produced fierce competition in the industry, allowing a higher quality in product and better control on the e-liquid, the producer of the vapors. And to imagine the possibility that all of this time, effort and money is being poured into an alternative to smoking, albeit it safe one, is inspiring to the millions of smokers all across the globe. If you’re serious about quitting then E-cigs are a serious option to consider.