For people who are looking at trying ecigarettes, once you get past the
learning of the whats and hows of the ecig, it is very much like smoking
cigarettes. In other words, not much changes. You get the nicotine. You get
the visual of the vapor/smoke and the hand/mouth action. What’s better is
all other bad aspects of tobacco combustion – the tar and carbon monoxide
mainly, that effect the lungs and the heart, are no longer part of smoking.

The habit still continues, but the only real difference for me is that the
taste is better. And I feel better physically. You can still get ‘tobacco
tasting’ eliquids, but I found that the taste of tobacco wasn’t part of why
I smoked cigarettes (it’s really the nicotine and the routine), so a wide
variety of tastes are now available and it’s fun finding ones that you
really like, and really enjoyable once you find them!