I hesitated for a bit about this contest. It is not easy to share personal information even on an anonymous basis.


Six years ago I was hurt at work. It took a few years to find the right treatment to get me to the point I could go back to work. I made it though. I was working part time at the local store, but wanted to go full time using my considerable business management experience. Last fall I had a great interview and was just sure I got the job. Well on the way home to tell my husband about the interview, a bus ran a stop sign and I t-boned them at about 50 mph. I had a few broken bones but I was lucky to say the least. I have physically recovered from the car accident but we have been unable to replace my car until the insurance settles. We live 30 miles from town so that left me once again unable to work for a while.


I started using a 510 about 4 months ago to help replace cigarettes. My state has added so many taxes that I just couldn’t afford it anymore. Also after smoking for 40 years the effects were showing. I am happy to say that I have completely replaced tobacco cigarettes with the 510. I spend about $40 per month, big difference from $60+ a week. I really notice the difference in my breathing. No rattling at night or out of breath doing housework etc.


Now here is the real part. Price was not my only consideration. I had to quit. My mother has been a smoker for more that 55 years. She has advanced COPD. She struggles terribly for breath even with her medications. She was able to cut down her smoking but as hard as she has tried was unable to quit. Last week I bought her a 510 and cartridges. She LOVES IT! She has not had a tobacco cigarette since and had stated she is breathing a little easier.


I am trying now to keep us both in supplies but it is not easy. My husband has a good job but with me not working we struggle to meet the bills. I would love to give my mother  1 year of “e-cig stuff” so she can use her 510 the rest of the time she has left. It just may make her life a little easier and maybe a little longer.