I wasn’t ever going to be able to stop the death sticks. I knew this, cause
after 30 years of being a slave to the tobacco company,and many,many
attempts to quit, I new I was hooked per there plan to keep me on there
profits list till I either died from cancer or something closely related to
the death sticks. So, every day, first stop on the way to work, it was the
normal 3 pack purchase. Cigs came before food, rent, act. Had to have them
no matter what. Nope,never be free from these death sticks,,,never. Well.
now comes the problem of smoking restrictions popping up everywhere. Lets
see, e-cigs, wander what they are? Lots of reading and researching the
internet,up come up with a titan 510. At least now I can smoke
anytime,anywhere I want. Well, found I kind of liked this new gizmo. Instead
of reaching for a death stick, I’d grab the 510. One day turned into a week.
A week turned into 2 weeks.Now a month later, I am free of the death sticks.
I don’t miss them at all and like the e- juice flavors much better than any
analog cig can produce. All I can say is these e-cigs will prob save my
life,and at the very least,they have given me the chance to say to the cig
company, “you lost one”.

William D.