I was wheezing so bad

I would like to tell everyone about my experience with the e-cig…in
particular, the Joye 510 that I  ordered. First off,
I have done more research than most probably the majority of people do when
they have thought about getting into the new wave vaping. Excuse the fact
that a lot of my words look like they are misspelled but this is new to our
vocabulary as well as our new way of smoking!

I have been a smoker since I was 16. Had children along the way and that
was a reason to quit during my pregnancy, but every time I got through the
pregnancy I went back to it! Stupid I know!

I was young…Nicotine is a VERY addicting substance. WE ALL know that! Who
has tried to quit? If you have tried, HOW have you tried to quit? Patches,
gum, lozenges, inhalers? I tried them all. I am also young enough to think
I’m too young to have anything bad happen to me. I will quit before that

NOT TRUE! Just went to the Dr. office a few weeks ago and he laid his head
down on my shoulder after listening to my chest with his stethoscope and
said Rachel…..you NEED to quit smoking. I was wheezing so bad!

He put me on a prednisone pack, z-pack, inhaler, and diagnosed me with
Bronchitis and Bronchial airway disease at 41! DUUUUDE! WTF??? I smoke light
cigs! Never thought I would have these problems so early!

I did A LOT of research about these new e-cigs. I know a lot of people tell
you to quit cold turkey but for me, it’s not that easy. Circumstances vary
between people as to whether or not they have the will power or not…

This has been a way that I have been able to drop the analog/regular cigs
and vape an e-cig and feel just as satisfied! You can lower your nicotine
mg content too ” if you want! I’m not saying this is a way to quit but for
me it is working!!

I did ssoooooo much research on the e-cigs, and the Joye510 is the way to
go! Quality e-cig and great reviews! Plus refillable cartridges. Great vape
and great throat hit! Don’t mess up by ordering the wrong e-cig…Especially
through the wrong company that doesn’t back their product!

P.S. Great way to meet guys and gals at the club when you’re vaping!
EVERYONE wants to know what the blue light is that you are puffing on!
Believe me I know!       

Good Luck to all!!


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