Well it finally got to the point that I was having a terrible time with my breathing.  I am a table games dealer in a casino in Las Vegas and was having asthma attacks while dealing, where I couldn’t breathe.  My friend, who is a bartender at the casino was smoking these electric cigarettes and said he had stopped smoking tobacco and asked if I would like to try it.  He had bought a few Ecig starter kits and I said I had nothing to lose.  After four days I put down the cigarettes and started smoking nothing but Ecig, and that was the beginning of April, 2010…almost one year ago.  Since that time I have not had one attack nor have I had one cigarette.  My breathing is alot easier although it will never be 100%.

The other thing I can do again is sing.  Guess my vocal cords were so inflamed singing was a struggle and I so love to sing.  I now can reach those notes again and I entertain my players all the time and they absolutely love my “karaoke”.  Once again people say that I have a beautiful voice.  Boy, I haven’t heard anyone say that in about 30 years. I must have sent about 100 people to your website, including my players.  I call our bartender my guardian angel b/c he was there when I desperately needed him.  Thank you Ecig and thank you staff of Ecig.  You guys are awesome.

Fran from Nevada