I’ve been smoking analog cigarettes for 12 years now. I’ve quit cold turkey
several times, attempted quitting with the gum, the patch, lozenges, kava.
You name it I’ve just about tried it. The longest I went was a year and a
half ago, where I had a year stretch of non-smoking altogether. Life, work,
stress caught back up with me though, and I went right back. It’s always
been my escape, the one thing I can do to remove myself from everything,
just take five to ten minutes to kick back, breathe, and collect myself. In
the last year I’ve realized quitting isn’t necessarily what I want to do. I
enjoy smoking, and I know I’m not ready for that step right now. What I do
want however, is to be in control of my health. To have the option to make
my own decisions regarding how my nicotine is delivered, etc. Considering
the worst we have to look at in ecigs apart from nicotine is propylene
glycol (a substance the FDA itself has said is “generally considered safe”
for the purposes of putting in our foods, cosmetics, supplements, etc) I’m
done with analog. The future is now.

Jaime K