I’ve Finally Found the Replacement For Smoking – Sara from Michigan

I started smoking when I was sixteen years old. It started as a casual habit that happened when I was with my friends. Later on it became a two pack a day habit. I worked in a fast food restaurant and it was common for employees to take smoke breaks. I would smoke two cigarettes at a time during my break just to get the relief of stress and anxiety that smoking provided. I remember spending all of my paychecks at the time on gas and cigarettes and wondering why I disliked my job so much. My life was fueled solely by gas stations and I believe that the highlight of my day was once opening a new pack of cigarettes.

I initially became hooked on regular flavored Basic cigarettes as that was the brand my parent’s smoked and they always had coupons for me. I would like to say that the flavor was not a deciding factor in my initial addiction, so reports that suggest that teenagers are influenced by sweet flavors are offensive. I moved on to menthol cigarettes (mainly Camel 9s and Marlboro Special Blends and smooths). I later discovered Djarum cloves and they became my brand of choice.

I smoked for almost five years and I spent half of those years hiding my habit. I disliked the way that non smokers would make me feel like a criminal for smoking. I was always conscious of those around me and I never deliberately caused anyone to receive second hand smoke. As the laws against smoking increased, I began to feel more like an outsider than ever before. Even bars and casinos began closing their doors to smokers. I understood the health risks of smoking, but I needed something to help me cope with my anxiety.

Last year I noticed an advertisement for a popular brand of electronic cigarette. The cost of the electronic cigarettes was a little bit over the price of a carton of cigarettes and all I needed to do was purchase the cartomizers after the start up fees. I enjoyed the initial kit, but I found myself longing for a more enjoyable vaping experience. The batteries wouldn’t last more than an hour and the pre-filled cartomizers were sometimes empty. Even though I felt like my initial starter kit was a waste of money… I enjoyed the taste of the vapor more than the caustic taste of smoke. I made it through a week with the electronic cigarettes and I knew I could never go back to analogs again. I began my search for better e-cig models. I went through a few different varieties until I finally found comfort in using the tank system with e-liquid. I found that my costs went from $200+ a month to under $45 a month. I still occasionally splurge with new flavors, but I’ve found that this habit is much easier to maintain than my old one. I genuinely love vaping and I feel that I’ve finally found the replacement for smoking that I’ve been looking for.

Sara from Michigan

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