I’ve been using e-cigs for 2 years now & saved over $4000.00 in that time – Mike from Colorado

Hi, I thought it would be nice to share a short tale with you for the contest.


I’ve been using e-cig’s for 2 years now, saved over $4000.00 in that time and have influenced many others to adopt vaping over tobacco.


I started vaping when I began to exceed 2 packs per day as a driver.  When I started vaping I first purchased the RN4081 ecig, which looks like an analog cigarette.  It caused much confusion to the ‘non’ smoker purists in more than one location.


Last summer, I had a delivery to a secure area for the National Renewable Energy Lab.  It is a strict ‘no-smoking’ site.  I always carried my ecig with me, more for the occupation of my smoking hand and to satisfy the hand to mouth craving.  However, this particular time, I was approached by the site manager, all excited thinking I had a real cigarette in my hand, hollering and yelling about ‘breaking the rules’ !!!!!


I attempted to demonstrate to him that it was not a real cigarette by taping it on the side of my truck.


‘It’s not a real cigarette!’ I tried to tell him.  He was having none of it.  He ran off, muttering and stomping, saying something about getting someone from the company I was delivering to.


In just a few moments, back he came with a manager from the company I was delivering to, named Bob. Bob asked me what was up, and I explained to him the guy was an idiot and wouldn’t listen to me.  I showed Bob what it was I was holding, demonstrated how it worked, what it was made of and how it is filled.  Bob was highly impressed.  The jerk from NREL just stood back and listened, getting redder in the face by the second.  When I was done explaining I told Bob that Jerk boy wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain it to him.  I thanked Bob for listening.  Bob thanked me for explaining and asked for the website I purchased them from.  I gave it to him.


The very next time I delivered to Bob’s company again, Bob came running out to talk to me and show me his shiny new E-Cig..  I had made a convert in the process!!!


That’s my story!!  Thanks for listening!!


Mike from Colorado

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