I tried and knew I couldn’t quit smoking.  I avoided nonsmokers, gargled,
changed clothes, all kinds of cover-ups.  Smoking really didn’t bother me,
didn’t smell bad, I was in pretty good health, why quit?  But it wasn’t my
health that drove me to an alternative to tobacco.

My wife had quit smoking for 6 years before we went through the ordeal of
hurricane Katrina.  The stress combined with my smoking was too much for her
and she started back up.  I had never been successful at quitting, but she
had.  I felt responsible and had to come up with a way for us both to quit.
I started reading up on the e-cigarette, different models, problems with
hardware, high prices and low prices.  I ordered a couple of e-cigars for me
and an e-cig kit for her.  For a few weeks I would vape around the house to
demonstrate how easy it was to cut back on smoking tobacco.  On Valentines
day I gave her the e-cigarette kit.  If took her a few days to get used to
vaping and not going for the smokes.  We both have totally given up tobacco
and usually have several e-cigs on charge at all times.  E-cigarettes are a
success story for us. 

Glenn C