I Started Vaping And Haven’t Really Looked Back Since – ECF Member

I was a smoker in college. I also happen to be a stress smoker. You know what I’m talking about. Finals week, fourteen page papers and the like. So I graduate and come into the “real world” and I find myself wanting a cigarette more often than not. But here, it’s less convenient than just going to the balcony and lighting up. I also noticed that it was tougher than it should be to sprint and catch the bus to work. So I decided to make a change. I’d heard about electronic cigarettes for a while but was a bit skeptical. What are you inhaling? How can anything even come close to an analog? Well, with a little nudge from my brother that was studying premed I decided to take the plunge and went for my very first M602c with PCC. Let me tell you, I was amazed! The flavor was good (standard Chinese cherry I guess), and with the PCC I was at it all day. I ran out of cartomizers once, and succumbed to the analog. To my surprise, it was AWFUL! It tasted horrid (and that’s that I smoked clove, which usually is quite pleasing). I got dizzy, and had to put it down after a couple of puffs. Believe you me. That was the last thing I expected. I haven’t really looked back since. From there I got a 510, and now I’m using a Genuine Joyetech eGo, to my complete satisfaction. There has been much tinkering, experimenting, and time consumption to really come up with the set up that truly works but in the end it was worth it. I stress vape as well, but not as much. I think I’m getting my lungs back!

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