Why E-Cigarettes are better than analog cigarettes.

To be honest, I never thought I’d be the person writing a review of how an electronic product helped me quit using analog cigarettes. Being a smoker for so many years and trying everything from medication, patches, and cold-turkey I thought I’d never be able to quit smoking those cancer sticks.

I started using E-Cigarettes around a month ago and I have to say that my first reaction was wow! These things are truly great. The taste, unlike a traditional cigarette, is actually very satisfying. You get the feeling that you are really smoking but without the nasty ashtray taste and smell. I can actually go to bed after taking a few puffs without my wife telling me to go wash up!

After only a month of using this product and I can tell that the physical aspect of my health is finally returning. I’ve actually been testing for the local police force and was dreading the academy and physical testing due to my poor lung capacity. Before switching to E-Cigarettes I’d get winded walking from the parking lot to my work or from my desk to the parking lot for a cigarette (kind of sad, huh). Now, I can actually get up in the morning and go running without any of those keel over and die feelings. It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling.

Another benefit that I’ve finally realized from using these E-Cigarettes, that I no longer have to wonder if I’m killing myself every time I take a drag. I can now look at my little girl and realize that I’m not taking myself away from her every time I step outside for a drag. I can actually look at her while I’m inside using my E-Cigarette and know that I’m not hurting her or anyone around me. That is probably the biggest blessing I’ve had.

Lastly, the cost of E-Cigarettes compared to traditional is huge! In AZ, it’s around $7.50 for a pack of my cigarettes and being conservative, I’d go through one pack every two days. That’s 3.5 packs a week for 52 weeks equals 182 packs of cigarettes. 182 packs of cigarettes at $7.50 a pack is $1,365.00 a year. That’s a lot of money! Now, for my E-Cigarette. I currently go through one 10 ml bottle of E-Juice ($7.99) every two weeks. I go through an atomizer and a batter about every month ($20.00). So, if you take $16 plus the $20.00 for 12 months, I’m spending about $432.00 a year on my E-Cigarette. That’s a difference of $933 a year! That’s pretty nice if you ask me!

All in all, E-Cigarettes are a healthier and cheaper way to go. Don’t just take my word for it though. Read all the reviews and try it yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Kyle C