I have been smoking for 25yrs and was told years ago that I had to
stop smoking due to health issues. I smoked 2 to 3 packs a
day because I never took heed to what the doctors were telling
me. I have chronic to severe lung and heart disease. I have
tried chantix, the patch, and just not smoking at
all. Yet nothing has worked for me. Just recently I went in
for an ultrasound. What my doctor told me about possibly not
making it to my 60th birthday really put a fire under my butt. I am
54 years old and I have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren with one new
grandchild on the way. I am also a survivor of domestic
violence. I have also discovered that being in love is not
supposed to hurt. I have a new man in my life that has supported me
and urged me to take better care of myself. The same day I came home
from the hospital I started surfing the web trying to find some other
methods for myself to help me to stop smoking. I discovered the
ecig through another company. My first experience wasn’t a good
one. The product malfunctioned and the company refunded my money.
Because I liked the idea of the ecig I decided to keep
searching, that is when I discovered ecigexpress. The reviews
through CNN, Forbes along with other magazines, and also the
testimonials really pulled me in. I ordered the Joye510 and received it
on April 4, 2011 and here it is May 16, 2011 and I am totally cigarette
free. I have been diagnosed with only 46 percent of my lung capacity
left and c.o.p.d. I love my Joye 510. ABSOLUTELY
LOVE IT. Your product has helped me to add more years onto my
life. Thank you so much.