I May Have Had Broken Bones, But My Spirit Is Not

My story as to why I think I deserve the 1 year worth of e-cig supplies from ecigexpress. Well I guess this would start about me first off I was a steel worker for 14 years with the same company. I was injured on the job which included breaking my hip, shoulder, and neck. This left me paralyzed in the right half of my body for almost two years while I went through physical therapy. Fast forward to today, I can now walk again with only minor issues, but long story short I was unable to return to the profession I loved so much. Now, I’m limited to sedentary work for the rest of my life. I’m only 38 now. My employer who I dedicated 14 years of my life to gave me a job as a front desk clerk long enough for my labor and industries claim to close then they got rid of me. Now, I have no experience to get a job, and since my employer gave me the job that they did I no longer qualify for help with retraining. I am forced to pay for schooling out of my savings and with a wife and three children the saving account is pretty dry. But, I have over come being paralyzed and will over come this challenge too. As for my smoking, I was a smoker for 24 years and tried to quit many many times but never succeeded. My Mother and best friend died two and a half years ago of pancreatic cancer, more then likely linked to smoking her whole life. Although the kind of person my mother was she never quit, she would only say ” Why quit whats it going to do give me cancer?” already having a terminal cancer she thought it was funny. So after she passed away in November of 2008, I took a long hard look at my life and decided I really need to quit smoking. Even with my Mother’s death I still could not kick the habit until my wife picked up a disposable E-cigarette. I tried it once and knew this was my way to quit smoking from that first puff on that E-cig. I have only had 3 cigarettes until my EGO arrived and have been 100% smoke free ever since. These thing are a God send in my book. So now you know a little about me and my situation. I guess a long story made longer, the reason I deserve a years worth of e-cig supplies from ecigexpress is because I’m now a poor college student trying to pay for school and raise a family with three awesome kids and a wife who is also a college student. If anyone could use a break I guess it would be me, but if not I know whoever does win it deserves it more then I and offer them my congratulations. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and good like on finding a winner I know there are going to be some great stories.
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