I’ve been a smoker since I was 15. I managed to quit with both of my pregnancy’s, but by time each of my kids turned 2 years old, I was back to craving a cigarette. It was so easy to start again because my husband smokes—analogs are always in the house. I’ve had several failed quit attempts. I’ve tried gum, patches, and even prescription drugs. Nothing helped me enough to really get away from cigarettes.
I decided to hunt alternatives, and landed on e-cigs. I tried a gas station disposable and was blown away. I managed to make it through days only smoking 4-5 cigarettes in a day; down from a pack a day… still smoking because I was trying to make the e-cig last long enough for my online order to come in the mail. I have since ordered a starter kit with a bigger battery and am happily vaping almost full time.
Since switching I have managed to get down to about 3-4 cigarettes in a day. My best day so far was when my six year old son gave me a hug and told me that I actually smelled good. He got an extra hug for that.
Don’t get me wrong, there is a learning curve with e-cigs. It’s not as simple as light & smoke. Some of the terms used to describe the parts seemed like a foreign language, but with a little research I figured out what would work well for me. I’ve enjoyed trying the different flavors of juice the most. I think for right now, I’m better off sticking with tobacco flavors, but I see many sweeter options in my future. I’ve also saved money vs. analogs—even after purchasing 2 starter kits!
I’m quite happy vaping. I feel better and I smell better.


Dia from Texas