I started smoking in college and then quit cold turkey in the late 90’s. When my marriage ended a couple of years ago, I took up the dirty habit again and have been wanting to quit for awhile now. The smell, the cough, and the expense of smoking was taking a huge toll on me and it was through a Q&A on an internet forum that learned that e-cigs could help me quit and cut down on my costs dramatically. I ordered an eGo kit in January and it arrived on January 18th. I smoked my last cigarette on the way to the post office to pick up my kit and haven’t so much as touched one since. I’m now over 2 months smoke-free and happily vaping every day. I’m thrilled with my purchase and love my e-cig. I’ve converted a few of my friends and they’re big fans now too.

I’ve tried many different flavors but have found a few that I return to again and again. It’s become a hobby for me and I look forward to getting into mods and higher voltages as my budget allows. There’s something relaxing about having a vape and since my employer lets me do it in the office I can enjoy it while I work without going outside for breaks all the time. I haven’t had a single craving for a cigarette since I got my e-cig and I can’t imagine going back to analogs now. Hopefully as I learn more I’ll get the courage to experiment with making my own juice and can discover new ways to enjoy this hobby.



W. from Illinois