Truth told, I’m already a winner thanks to e-cig express and personal vaporizers in general. I’m sharing my story to testify, and help others who are enslaved to tobacco products get up the courage and make the decision to get involved in this technology.

Like many people of my generation, who’s parents smoked during pregnancy I have a special difficulty with tobacco products. What we know now, and wasn’t taken so seriously back then as it is now, is that the children of mother’s who smoked during pregnancy are born already addicted. We can’t blame the mother’s of the time and shouldn’t because the attitude of the time wasn’t as informed today. However the first time I smoked, I had this almost epiphany-like feeling of “this is what has been missing”. Peer pressure wasn’t a big part of why I got myself hooked on tobacco, but it didn’t hurt to have smokes on hand to share with the kids I wanted to fit in with. I planned on smoking a couple of years and then putting them down after college and walking away.

That never happened. I joined the military and one of the benefits I hoped to gain from basic training was leaving the habit behind as tobacco would be forbidden. Of course every break from training, every family visit would result in me sneaking cigarettes. The day I finished basic I left for a trip home with my family and even bought a pack on my way to the airport.

For years after I came home for good I tried many solutions. Willpower, the popular prescriptions of each period of the last 15 years, gums and patches, nothing lasted long. Meanwhile my health and breathing noticeable began to deteriorate.

As an aside nicotine wasn’t my only addiction. I mention that because The last few years I confronted other addictions, alcohol, other recreational chemicals, and beaten them with the right help. But they tie into my vaporizor story in another way. I fell into a bottom in those areas that I was living in my car for a while. And the insane limits I went to only to satisfy my addiction worsened my breathing health and really demonstrated the hell my nicotine addiction took me too. Just to afford it all on such a limited budget I had switched to filter less hand-rolled junk, and sometimes even re-rolled cigarettes by hand from the ashtray.

Soon I moved in with a roommate and got some low paying work. It was enough to get by, but the cigarettes still took a huge chunk out of my expenses.

I had heard of vaporizers by this point and was interested. Like most technologies those bringing it to the forefront were taking advantage of consumer ignorance at the time and selling the kits for extremely prohibitive prices, or practically giving them away, however locking you into a contract to buy a certain amount per month for 2 years or more. Though the value seemed to be there, the concern after failing with so many alternative programs was financial obligation for something that I had no idea would work for me.

Finally a year ago I’m in a gas station and I see a kit for around $40. No contract, and the price is still less than a carton of smokes. I can try this, it’s in my range. I won’t lie, it was an inferior kit. It doesn’t put the juice to the atomizer like a good one does, and it’s a thread design that is hard to replace individual parts. The cartridges were weak dose and the flavor almost non-existant. but fortunately a friend of mine who I told I was trying them, turned out to be a vapor as well, and turned me on to some websites and bloggers. Though my kit didn’t produce the vapor and the satisfaction I saw on the faces of those demonstrating the good stuff, I saw enough potential to want to invest in what they were using.

People, I swear if I kept up the way I was going, within a year I would have emphysema. But thanks to the testimonials of bloggers, and great companies like E-cig Express, I’m healing and breathing so much better. My story doesn’t end there. Having been forced to become something of an instant expert on vaping, those around me at work, in my social life and the classes I attend began to rely on my input for how to buy, where to buy, what to buy. I’ve referred people in the right directions to get the products that helped me.

I’ve also become bolder. The more you face and overcome, whether it be addictions or financial difficulties, the less fear you have. As I shopped around the net looking for flavors to enjoy I came across DIY. How amazing, I took the step and began mixing my own juices. Even as my job situation improved and I began climbing up to a par on my former life before the economic crash, I began sharing some of my mixes with friends. With my own discoveries I began coming up with flavors and combos that not only worked great for me, but my friends began demanding of me.

At first those around me began giving me money to buy more DIY supplies, and soon they just started handing me money to compensate me based off prices on the internet. These friends talk… and soon some of them started telling local tobacco shops about my juices. I am seriously about to take the products you offer, the resources you provide and am in the process of establishing a Sole-Proprietorship in my state. I make a couple hundred a week already in side money, just from what friends insist on paying me.

Your company and this technology have helped me on many levels. I’m no longer a slave to tobacco, my health is immensely improved, and I have to thank you financially on both ends, because not only am I saving tons of money using your products, I’m making a bit as well, and even progressing in a hard economy when so many I know are struggling. I’m already winning. I can’t thank companies like yours enough. Today I help people in need. I take some of this money I get and I take it to local places that work with the homeless and help feed them, partly because I can and because my own experience. I advise people on how to free themselves from tobacco with your products. Together, we are making a difference in people’s health one person at a time. We are doing great things.

How will your prize benefit me? Well, it’ll help me get truly established with my sole-proprietorship. I’ll work with new blends of juices to better serve my customers who help me be your customer. It will help me to help others, and that’s the future I truly want for myself, service to those in need. But in truth, I feel like you’ve already granted me a couple of prizes, just by being in business!