I’m Adding Years To My Life Span

If you aren’t part of the solution, you must be part of the problem.


I remember hearing those words a long time ago and it certainly applies here. Imagine the concept; a company that not only offers great prices and outstanding customer service, but also extends a helping hand and provides a solution. If every business was this savvy we’d soon see people dancing in the streets, smiling for no apparent reason, and living the “No Man Is An Island”. Who knows, we might see donkeys fly and cats cry. The possibilities are endless. If only…


In February, 2010 I was laid off my job and I’ve been looking for work ever since. The job market is vicious and cold; looking for work is a full-time job in itself. Being unemployed and a smoker was a sad combination. Vaping provides an amazing alternative but can get costly to setup if you want the stuff that will last. It’s important to have a good supply of batteries, attys or cartos, JUICE, JUICE, JUICE, and, oh yea, JUICE (and other stuff). Having what you need at home, in the car, at work and in your purse or pocket really makes a difference in how your day moves along. Remember how you felt when you lost your smokes or ran out at an inopportune time?


When I was 14 years old I bought my first pack of cigarettes for 75₵.  Thirty years later the last pack of cigarettes I purchased cost me $5.75.  Late April 2011 I purchased an Npro on a humbug, an expensive humbug since I’d never heard of e-cigs and had no idea what “vaping” was. What I did know was I needed to try something other than the patch, the gum or cold turkey. I’d tried all those options with terrible side effects or just plain failure.


I found the e-cig bulky and hard; it felt nothing like a real cigarette. But from the moment I started vaping I lost the desire for tobacco. It was quite a surprise for me, especially since even after 2 recent breast cancer surgeries I still wouldn’t, or couldn’t, put down the cigarettes, not even for my own health. Each try was followed by another miserable failure. With my e-cig I “forgot” about tobacco. It’s been 30 days now and I breathe a little deeper, walk a little faster, and with each passing day I feel a little better. In fact, I feel downright proud of myself! I’m cancer free and finally rid of tobacco!


I happened upon the ecigexpress.com site looking for e-juice since I’m ready to start mixing. Facebook and YouTube have provided me all the information I need to successfully mix my own juice, all I need now is practice. This decision was eminent because of the short supply of juice available to just walk in and purchase. What makes it doubly necessary is I was a Djarum smoker and really “Njoy” the clove taste.


I’m learning quickly that if I want to continue to “Njoy” the vaping experience, I must plan ahead. Ecigexpress has provided a way for me to purchase my nic base and flavor at a price unbeatable by any other American supplier, online or offline. Trust me, I’ve researched this stuff well into the night and even into early morning. That’s what my days and nights have been like lately – putting in online applications for employment is now coupled with researching e-cig products. I was in the process of placing my first order with Ecigexpress when I read the heading “Win Free Stuff”. I say again, what a concept…


If I were to win 1 year of e-cig stuff I’d be truly thankful. My being unemployed has put a strain on my sons; being a single mother has had its challenges as well.  My oldest son, Keith, is the only one working and his hours have been reduced significantly. I will say this, the stuff would go a long way and benefit 2 people.  Keith started smoking while he was away at college and I didn’t like it but what could I say?  After 2 weeks vaping I decided to purchase him a starter kit before he became a pack-a-day smoker, he was well on his way.  He loves it!  A year of stuff would benefit us both since I can mix my own juice and he can smoke the regular stuff. No waste and everybody wins.  BIG SMILES ALL AROUND! I just wish I’d found this site sooner.  Oh well, no worries.


The discovery of vaping has changed our lives and it doesn’t hurt finding a supplier that helps you in so many different ways. Vaping has delivered me from the evils of tobacco and my boys didn’t have to suffer my mood swings. I’m happy because I haven’t gained any weight, I’m adding years to my life span and my smoking friends are eager to “test the vapors”.


A year of e-cig stuff would benefit a weary woman by absorbing some of the costs associated with being a new vaper; a job wouldn’t hurt either but there’s only so much one can ask for.


Thank you Ecigexpress, for being a company that thinks about the consumer instead of just the bottom line. It’s quite refreshing and I’m sure you’ll be around for years to come. It’s easy to be loyal to those who walk what they talk.





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