I Knew If It Could Help Mom It Could Help Me – Lynlee from Indiana

I first saw an electronic cigerette at a party at a friends house one night, she had a kr808d-1 with peanut butter flavored cartos. While I thought it was kinda neat, I didn’t really give too much thought to it. My mom woke up with a blood clot in her leg one day last June and while she was in the hospital she was craving cigarettes badly. I picked up a disposable from a smoke shop for her and she was really impressed with the way it helped curb her cravings. I knew if it could help my mom it could work for me, so I got a kr808 kit in early September. I didn’t have luck with the cartos and quickly moved on to an eGo with atomizers and drip tips which I liked much better.

Then began the search for juice….so many vendors, so many options. Different flavors, pg/vg mixes, nic levels, so many vendors~! I quickly found that I’m quite finicky about the flavors I like and quickly built up an impressive collection of juices I didn’t care for. A wonderful forum member introduced me to the pay it forward sub forum where I immediately felt right at home.

Flash forward to now I’ve owned or tried the majority of the pv‘s and mods out there. I’ve found that I really like 5v vaping and the closest thing I have to an all day vape is a diy juice cinnamon pear flavored.

I’ve learned volumes of information from the forums, made some great friendships, and recently met some of the wonderful people in person at Vapefest in Philly~!


Lynlee from Indiana

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