I Haven’t Even Wanted An Analog Since! – LeAnn from Illinois

I have smoked since I was 14, we’ll I started inhaling at 15. I have tried every, I mean every thing to quit analogs and I always went back to them. I even quit for a year, then my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came home for a visit and they chain smoked so we went out on the town for an evening and they talked me into 1, just 1 analog and I smoked almost a pack that evening. I have used patches, inhalers gum, you name it and it wasn’t till I found my beloved e-cigs that I have actually been smoke-free since July 15,2010. I will love these things till the day I die!!!!! I haven’t even wanted for a analog since. In fact I am one of those ex-smokers that smokers hate, I tell them how bad they smell and how bad their cough sounds. I can be a B–ch when I want too. I have even had smokers tell me to” go to h–l”and walk away from me! Soooo I am trying to keep my cool now around them.
Actually I still go out on my breaks and vape along side of the smokers, my friend still smokes, and it’s not till we go back inside that I can smell the stench on her. I got her a kit and she is trying to get use to it but hasn’t given analogs up yet either. She is trying though, so I don’t yell at her anymore. So this is my story, I hope I qualify for some free juice, cause I just discovered your website and want to try it out! Thanks for listening.


LeAnn from Illinois

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