This is my story

Laugh if you will and I am sure my story sounds the same as many others out there
but I have been heavily smoking cigs for 17 years with the exception of
being pregnant with my son I had no problem quitting for him but one cigarette lead
to another after I gave birth and I was back smoking in no time,
its sad to say it really does only take 1.
My doctors have been riding me about not smoking, when I was 21 I was diagnosed
with Multiple Sclerosis but in my eyes I figured if I was going to get robbed
of a ‘normal life’ why the hell should I have to give everything up? I didn’t
want to quit I am an Aries and hard headed, after many failed attempts at quitting
I gave up till my sister bought me the e-cig for my birthday, I laughed at her thinking
this is so not going to work but what the heck. I decided to try
it one day really try it and not smoke regular cigarettes it has actually worked
the one day has now turned into a month for me! A freaken month I have no desire
to smoke my old cigs the e-cig actually tastes a lot better LOVE the flavors!
I don’t smell like a dirty ashtray, my child isn’t around harmful smoke (I never
deliberately smoked around him but you can’t always escape it outside) my husband
won’t quit kissing me (don’t know if that’s a good thing or not?) and most of all
I am completely satisfied I don’t feel like I’ve given anything up! I still have my
little best friend she just looks a little different ~ she’s been upgraded!
Anyways that is my story I would highly recommend the e-cig to anyone who enjoys smoking
but doesn’t want the dangers of it or smell lmao take care people



April from Florida