I have been smoking since i was 13, i am now 35. I went through 3
pregnancies smoking and no nothing happened to my kids they were small but
still normal. with my 4th child i could not stand the smell or taste so i
quiet cold turkey, and she was bigger, but after about a month i got
stressed and started to smoke again, so the urge was still there after 9
months. now for the last few years 3 or 4 i have tried the gum, horrible,
the patch, i freaked out got all shaky and on edge, felt like the world was
closing in on me, was gonna try chantix but way to spendy $100 for a month
supply. So what i did was got a filter, you know the things you put at the
end of your cig, which worked nicely but i was still having the bad taste in
my moth in th morning, which i hated and the cough was still there. so i did
a search on the internet for quit smoking, and a video came up in one of the
searches, which was i believe for blu cigs, I thought hmm wonder if it works
or taste like a cig. so i search e-cig and found e-ciggerette forum and that
blew my mind. so i searched further in the forum, wasn’t sure what one to
i finally settled on a dse901. and when i got it i used it right away, with
my regular cigs, then when i was out of Reg cigs, i just used the e-cig. a
few things i noticed it was not just a cig habit it was much more. now i
could tell i was getting the nic cuz it help the erge for a cig, but there
was something missing, because after i used the e-ccig i needed to grab
something keep turning to pick up that pack of cigs, not to have on just to
pick it up. and action was missing from my habit. i had to ween my self. so
what i did was get a joye 510 with a pcc seemed to help.
not really sure how since it wasnt everytime that i would pick up the case,
but i think knowing it was there help.. so i am probably the only one with
that habit..

thats my story. i will write more late about my experiences with the patch
and Gum.

Maryann F