I Have Been Smoke Free For Over A Year

I have been smoke free for over a year thanks to EcigExpress. I feel fantastic.  I had no idea how much my smoking was affecting my every day life until I switched to ecig.  I am an active mom of two teenage girls.  I always thought they could out swim and out run me because of my age (48).  Now a year after swapping to JoyE instead of Tobacco, they have to work really hard to beat mom. Now April 1st is going to have a whole other meaning for me.  I am reminded what a “Fool” I was for using tobacco all those years. As an Ecig vaper I have control of the amount of nicotine I get.  I started at 28 MG.  I now enjoy 6 mg juice in fruity flavors.  My clothes and breath and hair no longer have offensive odors.  I am healthier, happier, and have saved quite a bit of money over the last year thanks to Ecig.  I thoroughly enjoy my vaping.  Thank You EcigExpress!



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