I Have Been Smoke Free For Over 6 Months – Kevin from Oklahoma

It was a day as any other,or so I thought.

I walked into my local smoke store,and while waiting in line I saw a Joyful box on the counter, it said electronic cig, I was curious, so I asked,what does this do? And was told it was an electronic cig, only gives you nicotine, I was very curious by this time, but the pack of analogs in my hand said it was time to get back to work. As I left,I grabbed a brochure to learn even more at my leisure.

After looking up just what exactly an ecig was, I found this site and it started me on this fun filled trip we call vaping. I had been an analog smoker for over 35 years, and I have been smoke free for over 6 months now. My breath was getting short, my sense of smell was shot, and now,thanks to vaping, these health issues are slowly resolving themselves.

I have been able to turn my sister onto vaping, and my boss at work also. Oh, and the wife just loves the fact that I don’t smell like smoke, my clothes don’t smell like smoke, and I am once again kissable.
I am always showing it off to others to plant the seeds of curiosity and hoping that they too will take the plunge into vaping heaven.

I currently have a bottom feed mod,and it has been working like a champ. Just remember, don’t get discouraged if you are a new vaper, and find the flavor you like. As a matter of fact, PREMIUM TOBACCO could be the one you have been looking for..





Kevin from Oklahoma

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