I have been a smoker for 35+ years!!! I tryed many times to quit & guess
what u all know no luck… Patches, gum, the pill, nothing worked!! I have 2
kids that are older now & smoke… I am going to get them in this direction as
I speak… I ordered a joye 510 kit.. Got it over 2 weeks ago!!! Well I just
can’t believe it… This was the easiest way I ever quit smoking… Have not
touched a reg cig since I got my kit in…. I am very impressed.. Can breath,
smell, taste, man this is heaven lol… I even have a full carton of cigs plus
1 pack left in freezer.. Have not touched it since I started this.. I am
amazed how I can try this out & not touch what I still have left… I had
company over as well when I quit & they smoked within my first week of
quitting & guess what, I never was tempted to get that pack of reg cigs in
freezer!!! I am totally satisfied with the product & will purchase more from
ecig express in future!!!

Cathy D