I was a 30 yr smoker, buying a carton of menthol cigs every other day. I had to smoke before getting out of bed in the mornings, then I had to have a cig last thing before going to sleep, I would even wake up at least a couple times a night… to smoke. I was smoking every waking moment, I even smoked while in the shower. I had tried many times and every product out there to quit. My family was very worried and wanted me to quit. I wouldn’t go to non-smoking places. So I decided to get a ecigs so I could go out to non-smoking places with my family. I tried a couple other brands but for one reason or another they didn’t work for me. My daughter bought me the Joye510 for Christmas. I have been using it ever since with great satisfaction. My breathing has improved tremendously. I am so thankful for the Joye510.
Fredia from Kentucky