I enjoyed smoking for 27 years

I enjoyed smoking for 27 years, and would try to quit for others but never really wanted to quit. I bought the Pro1 joytech 510 electronic cigarette to make my husband happy and possible cut down since I was up to 2 packs a day. It arrived three weeks ago and I have not had nor craved a cigarette since. I loved my cigarettes, my day was scheduled around when I could smoke. I loved it most of the time, wanted it all of the time, and needed it some of the time (stressfull times, driving, and talking on the phone) I hated the morning hacking, but I could deal with the rest, including everyone around me complaining about it. One day my husband asked me to try the electronic cigarette to cut down from 2 packs a day. I researched them on the internet and felt that the Pro 1 Joytech 510 would be the best for me, I went to the mall and tried their electronic cigarettes and thought ok I will make my husband happy and buy this thing, with no intention of quitting. After it arrived I charged it, loaded it with some flavored nicotine I purchased at the mall and haven’t wanted or craved a cigarette since. My home, car, cloths, hair, my family, and myself are so greatful for this remarkable invention, I felt the need to tell everyone I know that smokes to try this thing.


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