I Don’t Want A Cigarette! Officially A Non-Smoker! – Mathew from North Carolina

Officially a Non Smoker!!

As a young lad, my friend’s aunt smoked excessively, and he stole a pack. We smoked a pack in a couple of hours and were sicker than dogs…… But I was hooked. Like every young person, I stole, begged, borrowed and eventually bought my own cigarettes. An addict was created.

Fast Forward 20 years.Through my life, I have gone from 2 Cigarettes a day, to 3 packs a day when I was in the forces, to a steady nicotine supply of 1 pack a day. I tried to quit. The patch, gum, the pill, cold turkey, everything. Moderately successful with the patch (2 months), in times of stress it would take one whiff of someone smoking, and I would already start justifying to myself why it was ok to smoke this next cigarette. In the mornings, I would get over the “hacks” and typically cough up something yellow to black (and all in between), and get to my first cigarette of the day. I would smoke at every point in my day, from waking to sleeping, and there was no escape….

About 8 months ago, I am in a mall, and I see someone “smoking”. It’s this fake cigarette that will allow you to quit….. I was sold, but at a $200 price, not overly sold. I joined ECF, and started researching. I finally make the plunge, and pick up my first e-Cigarette, and on September 28th, I take my first vape.

It has been just over 6 months. I feel so much better. I can breath, smell and haven’t “hacked a lung” in 6 months. I haven’t used salt in 2 and from a man with 40 types of salt from around the world and used to salt McD’s fries, that’s saying a ton! I have multiple personal vapors, all 510’s, and I have tried ~ 40 different flavors of liquids. The biggest and best difference? I can sit beside a smoker, and have them blow smoke beside me, and for the first time in my life, I don’t want a cigarette!!!

I thank ECF and all of the Suppliers, as you’ve all had a hand in helping this transition, as well as a wealth of knowledge for people that I have interacted with along my journey!!


Mathew from North Carolina

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