I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and up until recently I’ve been smoking about a pack and a half to two packs a day. When I go out with my friends i worry about second hand smoke especially with the ones who didn’t smoke. I started doing research on e-cigs after i had seen them in the mall stands and decided it was time to start quitting. E-cigs are making my life better I don’t have to go outside to smoke when I’m comfortable in my own house and I don’t have to worry about smoking around my cousins who are only 3 years old. I started saving money because I’m not spending $20 on two pack of cigarettes per day and it’s better for my health. I’m slowly starting to kill the habit of constantly needing a cigarette when I’m at work and I’m even helping my coworkers quit smoking by influencing them to get their own e-cigs. When I go home I don’t smell like stale cigarettes and my family is happy about me quitting and going to the better means of steam with nicotine. The Joye 510 is giving me a better life and I can’t thank you enough to the people who invented the e-cig.