So here’s my story, I started out a dirty smoker, I smoked to die and
not to get high, haha, I’m 19, I’m not going to say I was a pack a day
smoker cause on average it was 13-15 a day, though those high stress
days brought out the chain smoker in me, anyways, I broke my leg and
became jobless, living at home with Mommy and Daddy, who didn’t just
dislike cigarettes but flat out despised them, but they continued to
shell out money for me to buy cigarettes every other day. Every time I
would walk in the house I would be told that “you smell like s%!t” not
a very good confidence booster that remark. I would come home from a
bad day or break up with a girl and want a hug and if I even got one
it was short and followed with a you smell. My mother started working
and came across a coworker with a janty stick, she became intrigued,
especially by the no smell factor. She gave me a list of websites and
I found the 510, I buy a starter kit and am loving it until the
battery runs out, I had the other one charging so I was in luck, until
I realize that it hadn’t charged, the charger. did. not. work. so here
I am, fiending for a cigarette, completely out of cash, now I’m pissed,
I call up the company in a desperate fearful enraged panic, day one
0/13 cigs and my ecig doesn’t work I think your charger doesn’t work,
they tell me they will send another charger out, just to be safe I
asked for two new batteries and I would send the other two back she
reluctantly agrees. I am semisatisfied, still no fix. Why god? I
pleaded for the batteries to charge, I pull one off the charger and
take a puff and that dreaded flashing light goes off, I set the
battery down and hear a pffft, I look over and it appeared as though a
liquid was seeping out from under the button on my battery, then I
release it, they sent me a battery that just exploded,
I call back and while enraged, keep my cool because if it doesn’t work
out then i won’t get my fix, I tell them that one of my batteries just
blew up, they told me that it’s a good thing I convinced them to send
new batteries. This all gets figured out and day three comes along,
I’m still on edge, but I had bummed a couple cigs, my replacements come
in the mail. I don’t smell at this point due to a shower. I take a
couple puffs, and give my mother a hug, she begins to cry. I ask her
“why, why are you crying mom?” she tells me its because I don’t smell,
she says she can give me a hug without me reeking of stale cigarette.
my father also tells me its nice to not have to worry about me
stinking up his furniture, now I DIY some flavors, remanufacture attys
(for myself) by replacing the coils (which is hard as hell when you
have big fingers), I have three batteries, 10 cartos, 3 reman attys, 15
or 16 loran flavorings, a bunch of pg, vg, and nic, some custom
flavors I have bought, I don’t hack up my lungs every ten minutes,
and best of all I DON’T SMELL LIKE S%!T. So, thats my story, my epic
adventure with my first days as a e cig pioneer, and damn it I am
sticking to it. Peace out and keep vaping!



John from California