I smoked Kools/Newports since I was 13-14. I am 47 years old. Actually I smoked my dads cigs (Winstons) earlier than that. As a kid one imitates others. (I adored my dad.) I had tried numerous times to quit. Nothing worked. Last year 2010(Jan) I was interested in what a fellow nurse was using. She had bought a ecig from the mall. The price tag was around 150.00. I knew that I could not afford it and started shopping online.

I made it to this forum as a lurker and I did buy my first ego kit from you (ecigexpress) back in July 2010. I never looked back. I had the idea to gradually cut down. I did it gradually and it worked.

However, I could not completely quit one cigarette I allotted myself. I tried ego Ts, carts, LR atties. I was able to fully quit using a mod set at 4.2. So now I can say I am cig free.

I am enjoying making my own e-fluid at this time. I am going light on the flavorings. My husband is completely amazed . I no longer smell like a big old funky ashtray.

I really wish they came up with ecigs years ago. I could have saved my dad from his lung and heart disease. When he died he had 16% of lung function left. He had smoked 2-3 packs of Winston’s daily.

Back to me….I started having problems with allergies. The bronchitis was horrible. Each year I knew I would present with an increase in breathing difficulties. My 02 saturation was around 89-90%. (The amount of 02 that can be measured.)

Now I can take my O2 stats and they average around 97% to 99%. I no longer have adventitious sounds-wheezing throughout my lung fields.

I can state the fact that electronic vaporizers has helped me quit the cigarettes. My health has improved as evidenced by no coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and increase in energy.




Sandra from Wisconsin