I Am Not Only Saving Money, I Am Saving My Life – Melissa from California

I have been surrounded by cigarettes my whole life. My Mom was a smoker since before I was born so I was exposed to second hand smoke until I moved out of her home. I began smoking at around 16 years old and smoked until I was 29 when I quit smoking due to attempts at getting pregnant. I went to a hypnotist to quit smoking and it worked for 7 years. I would still crave a cigarette from time to time and eventually I took up smoking again. For myself it is the act of smoking that I am addicted to. I have an oral fixation and having a cigarette in my hand and placing it to my mouth was my habit. I am a Registered Nurse and know the horrific effects that the chemicals and tar in cigarettes have on the entire body and those around me. I hate the smell and taste but I wanted to smoke. I discovered the e-cig. and researched it for 2 days before deciding on the Titan 510. I could not be more happier with such an innovative product. It amazes me that I can still “smoke” and not harm myself or others. My husband is a non-smoker and I have 2 children. I found myself vaping next to my husband while laying in bed, watching a movie and he was not protesting. I only smoked outside because he HATED the fact that I smoked and I didn’t want my house to reek of cigarette smell. I can now be in the comfort of my home and vape away. I was so impressed that I called my Mom and best friend and encouraged them to try the Titan 510. They have both bought the product and are also IN LOVE with the e-cigarette. I have not had a cigarette NOR CRAVED ONE in 10 days. I am not only saving money, I am saving my life.
Melissa from California
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