I Am Free From The Analogs – Marilyn from Oregon

My 32 year journey of smoking. I will start with my first cigarette I took my Dad’s Marlboro cigarettes one here, another later on, and so on, well this worked until he figured out his pack was disappearing faster and faster every day was not long until I was busted. I was only 16. My mother thought my punishment should be sitting in front of a mirror until I smoked a full pack of Marlboro cigarettes with Menthol rubbed on them , personally I thought what great punishment as I enjoyed this. I sat their and smoked that pack and I decided I like this Menthol flavor hum I wonder if you can buy these with Menthol already in the cigarette. I never did tell my parents that I really enjoyed my punishment . I soon figured out a way to get I think it was Salem Menthol Cigarettes out of a machine at a local gas station and money was not a problem as I always did babysitting. From that point on I was hooked and in the early 70’s it was cool I never even questioned what it would do to my health, I was a track star, a Cheerleader, and I never felt any effects then . When I got out of school turned 18 it was on I was now legal age. I smoked like a stack and this went on for years. Back then you could smoke any were you wanted even the Doctors office and shopping at Safeway, it was a wide open world. Soon I married a non smoker and he just accepted the smokey house and the smokey cars. We soon added 2 children over the next few years,that’s when I started thinking about the smoke in the house, I started smoking only in the kitchen with the fan out to help get it out side. I then thought about quitting cold turkey that was a complete failure next I talked to my Doctor about some patches that did not work so I just continued to smoke, times had changed you no longer could smoke any were you wanted so I adjusted. Long about in my early forties I noticed I could not get air into my lungs when I would run, did I take the hint? No. About Five years later, I decided I wanted to quit the fun was gone but I could not kick the habit. At some point I started hearing about electronic cigarettes, this caught my attention I ordered one off the tv ads it arrived and I started using it and to my surprise I was not picking up the analog smokes only problem was the cost on new cartos every month and then the battery died, I was in a Panic as it had been two months with out any real cigarettes, the company sent me a new battery overnight at my request. I started thinking their has to be a better way so I got on the Internet and started my search, I came across a forum called ECF that was my lucky day I read all day and all night long I wanted to know every thing. After a lot of getting an education I placed my first order an EGO, man when I received this I was in heaven it put the tv e cigarette to shame. I then ordered liquids some good, some not so good then it hit me the DIY on the forum, wow another door had opened, I love different flavors and have made a lot of candy in my lifetime so here I go my search for supplies was on that is when I came across ecigExpress so I started purchasing what I needed and I liked the fact the company was in WA as I live in OR. I started my new adventure and I love mixing up these liquids cool a new hobby. Next I started reading about Mods oh boy my wallet was going to Shrink I read all the stuff I could and ended up with a Provari with a Map Tank I gotta tell ya this Provari rocks. It’s been five months now and I have not looked back every pay day I place a order at ecigExpress for flavors and my skills are getting pretty good. I feel younger than I have in years the house smells great my hair and cloths smell great and I am free from the analogs. I would like to thank ECF and all the people who post and all the great vendors for their service.



Marilyn from Oregon

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