I purchased the Joye-510 and have been using it for 6 days. This is a high quality product with intense vapor production. I am completely satisfied from a performance perspective as well as a nicotine replacement perspective. Typically in the mornings I wake up coughing from cigarettes and in only 3 days I noticed a significant reduction in coughing. In 5 days I completely quit coughing from tobacco use. I haven’t had a cigarette since I purchased my Joye-510 and can’t imagine going back to the unhealthily cancer stix. I purchased the 30ml, 18mg Watermelon and the 15ml, 24mg Dr, Peper flavors and love them both.  I have shown everyone of my smoking friends and instead of me bumming a cigarette from them they want to smoke my Joye-510. This is truly one of the best electronic device ever invented.