I starting smoking at 13 due to pure pressure. Introduced to it from a senior at my high school, I fell in love with it after the first few times. I’ve smoked most types of cigarettes, although Camel was always in my heart. I thought I would never quit. I enjoyed it, and I wasn’t concerned with the health risk.

Then at 15 I got my girlfriend pregnant. At 16 both me and her became parents. While in the hospital waiting for my little boy to be born, I vowed I wouldn’t leave him with a cancer ridden father, or give him adverse side effects from my second hand smoke. I got an e-cig. I met a kid at my local community college who smoked them, and offered to get me one too. I got a VS 510, with Western Tobacco flavored e-liquid. I tried it for a few weeks, but could never get the thing to work right. I soon gave it up.

Another year passed by. My boy was having his first birthday. I was still smoking. I used to smoke 3 packs a day, and was now to 1 or 2 at the most. A few weeks before his birthday I vowed I would quit for him once again. His first birthday came and went. I was still a smoker.

Now were six months more into the future. About 8 months from now. I met a nice guy at the mall. He was selling Green Nicotine. He smoked it inside! I could too! It was a dream come true. For the low price of 149.00, I could have a simple two piece e-cig superior to all models. And 10 cartomizers for 50.00! What a deal! They were equivalent to a carton each. It was a tenth of the price of cigarettes. Of course I had to to it. I bought it and gave it up about three weeks later. It didn’t do it for me, and these cartomizers didn’t last quite as long as I had expected. I was once again a smoker.

Now go forward 7 months. Approximately 20 days ago. I bought some cartomizers for that old Green Nicotine, and tried to quit again. I had seen cartomizers for cheaper online. But unfortunately Green Nicotine batteries were not compatible with any other model on the market. I finally found a forum discussing this issue, and found out that Green Nicotine was a Kr-8081, and could use those cartomizers.

I then bought 2 packs of cartomizers at 10.00 each from Vapor 4 Life. What flavor! It made me throw away the Green Nicotine cartomizers. I then began to wonder what other products from Vapor 4 Life, such as the batteries, were better then Green Nicotine. I bought a short auto, and about a week later, a long auto. They worked great, and had about 5 times the battery life on the Green Nicotine. I then threw away my battery for my Green Nicotine. The only thing I have left from that 149.00 set is the charger. It does work well, and has a usb that plugs into the wall charger, so it was convenient.

Now it is today. I have been smoke free for 20 days, the longest I have gone without a cigarette since I started. I tried one about 4 days ago, and it made me throw up. I fill up my cartomizers with 30ml bottles, even cheaper then the cartomizers. I have an all day vape, VG Vanilla WOW. I love it. My son will be turning two in June. I plan to stay smoke free until then, and for the rest of my life. I bought a Go-Go today. I’m looking at a Darwin to buy with my tax return. I am a vapor. No longer a smoker, and life could not be better. I can taste and smell again. I spend about 3 hrs a day on this forum, and I have never found such kind and informative people. I wish I had know you when I bought that 510 2 years ago.

Thanks to all that made me smoke free,

You are truly miraculous.



Caleb from Utah