I am 23 years old and have been smoking since I was 16.

I am 23 years old and have been smoking since I was 16. Everyone in my
family smokes. We have all tried to quit several times with no luck. I
learned about electronic cigarettes a few months ago and thought it was a
brilliant idea as an alternative to smoking. I shared the idea with my dad,
who shared it with my uncle and aunts, who passed it along to their friends,
and now we have all discovered the benefits of vaping and are cigarette
free. It is such a relief for me.

I never quite knew why I smoked. I would constantly scrub my hands to get
the cigarette smell off of them. My hands would always be raw because I
could not stand that smell. If I could smell cigarette smoke in my hair I
would have to wash it to get rid of the smell. All of my possessions smelled
really bad. I just couldn’t stand it. I constantly chewed gum or sucked on
mints to get the taste out of my mouth. This really aggravated my TMJ so my
jaw hurt quite a bit. Since I have switched to electronic cigarettes I
haven’t had to scrub my hands or wash my hair because they smelled like
cigarettes. Also, my car, clothes, and other possessions smell so much
better. I am so relieved!!! The electronic cigarette has really changed me,
and it is for the better. I am so thankful and I really love my e-cig.

Jamie C

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